Marching Band Details 2020-21

We are happy to be able to provide you with some more details regarding the upcoming season!

If you are not a Marching Band student - please disregard this message. This is the last message everyone will receive prior to our Marching Band email list being finalized.

Important Dates:

Pre-Camp - July 19-22 - Location: CHS

Band Camp - July 25-30 - Location: CHS

The rest of our season calendar can be found by clicking here


Band camp will be held this summer at CHS.  The school supports our return to Lincoln Lake, but has told us we need to stay at school this summer.  This will also give us an opportunity to start fundraising again to help offset the cost of traveling to camp. The good news is that we will have a new full size grass practice field at CHS this season, and we will be able to rehearse and be together as a full group!


The cost for this season will be $150.00.  This will help cover some camp sectional staff, drill, music, shirts, and some food and snacks throughout the season.  Please do not let cost be a factor in your participation, we can help! If you have any questions regarding payment plans, financial aid, etc please contact boosters treasurer Cindy VanNoord at 


The attached forms packet (see email for attachment) and a $50 non-refundable deposit (or full payment) is due by June 4. We encourage you to make your payments online through charms. This is important so we can have our music and drill custom written for an exact number of students.  Instructions for submitting the forms/payments can be found on the first page of the forms packet.


For more general information please Click here to read through the HANDBOOK.  It will answer many questions you may have about the band program.

Kyle Wellfare

Director of Bands

Caledonia High School


Facebook: @caledoniabands

Twitter: @caledoniabands

Instagram: @calmusicdept

News Archive

Instrument Pick-Up

We will be offering times for Instrument Pick-Up on Wednesday, November 11 from 11:00am-12:00pm and 2:00-3:00pm.

Please CLICK HERE to sign-up for a time and for detailed instructions (where to park, what doors, etc)

Wreath Pick-Up - Help Needed

We are in need of some adult volunteers to assist with Wreath Pick-Up on Monday, November 9.  Pick-up takes place outside the band room and doesn’t require coming into close contact with anyone.


1 person – 3:00 to 4:30

1 person  – 4:30 to 6:00



Wreath pick up:

Monday November 9th

2:30 – 6:00

Pick up wreaths outside High School Band Room.

Wreaths must be picked up Monday, we have no place to store them.

MarchingBand: Senior Band Parent Details

Dear Senior Band Parents,

We are looking forward to honoring your students and you for your important contributions to your child's musical development this evening.  

Here are your details:

By 7:00pm Please line up along the fence by the 50 YL gate.  You can watch the band enter and perform their “pre-game” music from this vantage point.  

When that music is done (7:03ish) The band will go to the field and your seniors will line-up alphabetically on the track.  Please quickly find them and stand with them.  

Our Boosters president will hand each family a small token of our appreciation as your name is called.  Once all names have been called you will be dismissed to your seats in the stands to enjoy the show. You may want put a blanket down or some other indicator so that your seats in the stands are “reserved” when you return to them.

Dress Warm,

Kyle Wellfare

Director of Bands

Caledonia High School