Rehearsal Reminders

Great first day of rehearsal!!

It is strange having camp at the school, but the students are
rising to the challenge and doing great work!

A few notes for the next few days:

-Remember sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses! We are doing
our best to keep everyone in the shade and/or rotating to
different activities with different exertion levels, but these
items will help keep you cool.

-We do have more water if anyone runs out.  See Mrs. Snyder

-HYDRATE! - When you read this email hydrate and start getting
ready for tomorrow 

-EAT! - Eat a healthy light breakfast in the morning. 

-Get a good nights sleep! - your body needs this to help recover
from being in the sun all day.

GAME: We are planning a game of Family Feud for later in the
week and we need all students to take this survey:

Get some rest, and come energized for rehearsal on Wednesday!
Nice Job everyone!


Tomorrow at rehearsal we will have print copies of your music for you.
Until then I am including a link so you can download it. Section Leaders
will be assigning parts on Tuesday if your section has multiple parts
(trumpet 1 and 2 for example)

Percussion parts will be uploaded shortly to the same link.

Weather Update - Important!

The bad news: Due to the potential for thunderstorms for most of the morning
and afternoon we will NOT have Marching Band on Monday, July 27.

The good news: Your student leadership team met today and are organized,
pumped and ready to get us off to a great start on Tuesday!  Also, it will be
cooler and less humid!

Students please check your email throughout the day on Monday for more
music to be sent to you.  Please take some time to practice as well!  The better
prepared you are individually, the more success we can have as a group! 

Can't wait to see you all on Tuesday,

Band Camp Update 7/26

We are excited that it is Band Camp week!  Here are some important
updates and reminders!

Schedule for the week:
Continue to arrive 15 minutes early for  health checks

Sun 7/26 - Leadership Team Only - 3pm-6pm (meet at practice lot)
Mon 7/27 - 9am-5pm - Full Band
Tue 7/28 - 9am-5pm - Full Band
Wed 7/29 - 9am -5pm - Full Band
Thu 7/30 - 9am - 5pm - Full Band
Fri 7/31 - 9am - 12pm - Full Band

Our student leadership team is going to proof-read the daily rotation
today and make sure they understand the logistics of moving their
section from one location to another during our rehearsals.  We will
email it this evening once leaders go over it.

Check-In Locations:
Brass and Percussion - Practice field (same location as pre-camp)
Woodwinds and Colorguard - Gate by band room (between north
and south campus)

Please remember to bring your own lunch.  It is imperative that each
student eats healthy meals and stays hydrated.

Because we cannot bring students into the building we are dependent
on good weather to rehearse.  As of now, the forecast for Monday does
not look good!  We will make a decision by 8:30pm each night if rehearsal
for the next day needs to be cancelled or adjusted for the next day. 
We will send this notice out by email, remind, and our section leaders
will connect with their section members to make sure everyone gets the

Items to Bring:

Water - (or two or three, remember at this point we won’t have refills)
Pencil (mechanical pencil is prefered)
Hand Sanitizer (we will have some, but it may be easier to bring your own)
Wear SHOES (NO sandals, flip flops, etc.)