Check-In Volunteers Needed

We are in need of Parent volunteers for Camp Check-in on Sunday.

Volunteers will need to arrive at 11:15 to prepare for their jobs.

Bus Chaperones should arrive at 12:15 (if not already there)
Bus Chaperones will be dropped off back at CHS.

Thank You!

Practice Coordinate Identification

Today students started learning about drill.  Click Here if you want to practice

Upperclassmen will recognize this as part of last years final exam.
The rest of you may see parts of it again.

Parents feel free to see if you can figure it out.

I won’t look at your answers, it is just for practice,  so this is a no judgement zone. 
Try as many times as you want!

Student Bus Sign-Up

CLICK HERE to sign-up for a bus to camp.

Three Busses, 45 students each max. 
Scroll down to see bus 2 and 3.

Sign-Up by the end of rehearsal on Wednesday. 
If you don’t sign-up by then you will be assigned.
No Switching Busses.
If for some reason the link asks for a class code it is “caledoniaband”

Handbook, Packing List, Charms

We have been reviewing handbook items in rehearsal this week.  I am attaching a 
Hard copy for all of you. Click Here

-Packing List is found on pg. 8
-standards and expectations on pg. 5
-Charms Instructions on Pg. 5

Our Calendar link can be found here:

Charms powers our database and calendar.  The school code is “caledoniaband”
You should be able to access the calendar above without entering the school code.
However, for some reason, it occasionally asks for it.